Hello and welcome, I am a spiritualist medium based in Cheshire, I have been doing personal readings for over 22 years.

People from all walks of life come to me to help them to tap into information they don’t have access to on their own.

  • For example are you looking for some direction on your life’s journey?
  • Or perhaps some validation that you are on the right path?
  • Do you wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed?
  • Or just need some help with relationship or career issues?

I can help you find specific answers to your questions, as well as assist you to make positive lasting changes in your life.

I also write regular columns for well known magazines such as Lifestyle Magazine and Cheshire Life.

I have worked with the BBC, Channel M, ITV and many more both throughout Europe and North America.

James told me things that only I knew - unbelievable!
Roger Walters - Warrington

Haunted Locations

Clients have frequently contacted James with problems at locations that may be haunted and insist that James help remove the spirit or rescue the spirit from the locations; this has brought him into the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.

James has worked at some of the most haunted locations in the UK. This kind of work brings James closer to his goal, which is helping people understand, that there is another world which anyone can develop a connection wit and not necessary negative.


James has found himself working in front of large groups and on media events and has worked with Ruggie Media, Antix Productions, Channel M BBC and ITV.

James has become quite sort after for his scepticism and his belief in all things paranormal and is often asked to join as a guest on radio shows around the world. He is presently working on a number of pilot shows for British TV.


James has worked for Newsquest Newspapers Publishers, as an on line psychic and writes a regular column for a number of Lifestyle Magazines and online publications.

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