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Rory Blair -Wilmslow

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Psychic Workshop

Why a psychic development course? Every single one of us has been born with psychic abilities. Some of us are aware of these from an early age whilst others may be trying to find ways to access them.

My course will enable individuals to experiment with various psychic exercises to begin to unlock their doors to their intuition and Psychic gifts.

For some this will happen quite quickly for others it may take a little more time, often confidence and self belief are the biggest hurdles however perseverance will undoubtedly bring success.

One thing you can be sure of is that every single one of us has psychic gifts/abilities. They maybe in Healing, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience or mediumship or you may have abilities in all these areas.

The beauty of developing these abilities is you simply don't know where it will lead us, growth continues throughout life in all areas of life including our spirituality.

What is this course about?

The course is about developing your Psychic abilities and understanding where your gifts in this area are. This will be done through guided meditation